Japheth Azubuike

About me

My name is Japheth Azubuike Umehea, I am the second child of my family of five, consisting of three boys with mom and dad.
I am a proud student of Crestview Montessori International School, located at Ekpan, I am a grade 10(SS1) learner.

During the holidays, I heard about web design training at Simtech Creative from my friend Joseph Efedue and I urged my dad to enroll me for the training because I would love to be a young web designer. Thanks to my mom and dad, I was enrolled in the program and now I am a website designer. I can now sketch a website, write codes and develop mobile friendly websites using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Javascript.

My instructor, Mr Umukoro Simeon is a very nice and friendly person, who likes smiling, he will help you when you make mistakes, he is a good teacher when it comes to tutoring and other things.

This website is my project in fulfilment of the website design course, and I was able to host with the help of my instructor Mr Simeon(Mr Simtech).
I would love to further my website design career at Simtech.

My mom's name is Lora Azubuike Umehea

This is a link to her Youtube chanel www.youtube.com/Allhailora